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Juliane Lanz

Zur Erziehung der "allseitig entwickelten sozialistischen Persönlichkeit" : Sportunterricht an Hilfsschulen in der DDR

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 15.12.2020

Abstract: From 1965 it was a clearly formulated objective to form a comprehensively developed socialist personality, what impacted on all parts of society in the GDR. Even the physical education at school contributed here as the curriculums confirm. This requirement even applied well for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities as for persons with cognitive disabilities that were taught at so-called „Hilfsschulen” (special needs schools in the GDR). Sport and physical education had an outstanding role; the pedagogical ambitions were high and included social-political and ideological as well as physical objectives. Different materials, issued by the state, e.g. the “Unterrichtshilfen” (teaching aids) and similar publications made this – theoretically – achievable. Another offer to support the teaching personnel were the so-called Pedagogical Readings, written by teachers for teachers. They offered hands-on material from the practice that was a helpful support. The analysis of the latter shows that for committed and interested pedagogists existed some leeways in the implementation of physical education. Sometimes they could identify gaps that were filled with their own concepts. The bringing up of children with special needs to a completed socialistic personality was their mission where this helped to enable their pupils optimum chances for social participation.

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