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Kristina Koebe

Die Pädagogische Lesungen nach der politischen Wende von 1989 : Geschichte eines ambitionierten Experiments

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 23.2.2021

Abstract: Only a few months after the political upheaval of 1989, the format of Pedacogical Readings in the form established by the GDR threatened to come to a standstill. The article presented here reconstructs the efforts of a self-organized working group, in which several actors involved in the work with the pedagogical readings in GDR times actively participate, to continue the format in an adapted form. In this context, both the planning of the future implementation, fed by previous experience, and the retrospective examination of the format and popularization, now more ideologically unburdened, are seen as revealing for the historical classification. It is shown that retrospective critical reflection focuses on two areas: the pedagogical orientation of the content and the distribution. For a future implementation, a redesign is recommended, especially insofar as a more direct, i.e. broken by little organizational processing, exchange of experience from pedagogue to pedagogue is desired. Still, other central characteristics of the format are maintained and the value of a scientific anchoring is repeatedly emphasized.

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