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Roberto Hübner     Tilman Brand von

Zur Verortung der Pädagogischen Lesungen in den Kontext unterrichtsvorbereitender Literatur der DDR : eine Darstellung am Beispiel des Deutschunterrichts

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 1.8.2021

Abstract: In the GDR, there were various media that teachers could potentially use to prepare their lessons, of which the curriculum, the students’ book, and the teaching aids are probably the best known. While the curriculum functioned as a state instrument for guiding and (to a certain extent) pre-structuring educational processes, teaching aids showed more concrete ways of implementing these guidelines and had a stronger recommendatory character. However, the relationship between these publications and the Pedagogical Readings has not yet been investigated. For this reason, this article attempts to locate this source, which has recently gained in interest, and to outline its place within the common formats that standardize or support teaching. The result shows, among other things, that even in the GDR, despite all the guidelines and recommendations, the teacher was responsible for identifying the most effective didactic-methodical design of the lesson. It is precisely here that the pedagogical readings open up new research potentials, since by definition they represented a format in which teachers could process their experiences tested in practice and present them to an audience interested in pedagogy as well as didactics and methodology.

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