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Katja Koch     Kristina Koebe

Die Erweiterung der DDR-Lehrer*innenweiterbildung um das Fernsehformat „Von Pädagogen für Pädagogen“ von 1970 bis 1982

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 15.11.2021

Abstract: The GDR series “Von Pädagogen für Pädagogen” (“By Educators for Educators”), which addressed GDR educators, was established in 1970 and broadcasted in this form for thirteen years in about monthly intervals. The article presented here locates the program within the GDR's continuing education landscape and endeavors to reconstruct the origins and further development of the program. The latter also offers a valuable insight into the GDR's education and training system. It took place in the field of cooperation but also in the field of tension between the Ministry of National Education, the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (APW), the Central Institute for Continuing Education (ZIW), and the GDR schools (both in their function as co-producers and as recipients). It becomes clear that the format was strongly influenced by ministerial guidelines, but at the same time had to face the judgment of the teachers regarding its practical relevance in order to fulfill the intended function − a continuing education beyond the organized events. It is shown that the two institutions entrusted with the organization (first the APW, then the ZIW) contributed their own perspectives and thus cannot be reduced to the role of executors of ministry wishes. The result of the cooperation was a series of broadcasts that presented a − scientifically based − ideal image of GDR education. At the same time, however, it also used the feedback of practitioners for optimization and can thus be classified as documentation of educational ideals accepted (but not necessarily implemented) by practice.

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