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Kristina Koebe     Juliane Lanz     Clemens Decker     Anita Henneberger

Zwischen „allumfassender Sorge für unsere Kinder“ und der Erziehung zur „Liebe zur Arbeit“ : DDR-Patenbrigaden und ihre Rolle in der Volkbildung von 1955 bis 1989

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 1.2.2022

Abstract: This article considers the pedagogical readings on the work with foster brigades (“Patenbrigaden”) in the context of other discourses. It elaborates that, in the absence of other guidance, the readings played a central role in advising professionals by means of passing on accumulated experience - and that the format was able to develop a particular potential for innovation. At the same time, hitherto little illuminated limitations of the medium are made visible: Apparently, after their emergence, the pedagogical readings develop their further educational effect for a very limited time only, meaning they are widely received only in the immediate aftermath. This also leads to the fact that similar problems were treated repeatedly over decades and problem-solving attempts like recommendations did not build on each other. In addition, this article sheds light on the pedagogical objectives the authors associated with their work and thus contributes to the reconstruction of the sponsor brigade format as an educational project that was firmly anchored in GDR society.

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