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Felix Linström

Die Pädagogischen Lesungen im Rahmen der DDR-Lehrer*innenweiterbildung, Teil II : das Weiterbildungsformat der Pädagogischen Lesungen aus Sicht der Protagonist*innen

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 1.10.2022

Abstract: In the course of developing the Pedagogical Readings as an educational-historical source for GDR research, 23 interviews with contemporary witnesses were conducted, which were used, among other things, to reconstruct the steps in the development of the format (Koch & Koebe, 2021). In terms of content, this text follows on from the above-mentioned article by Koch and Koebe (2021) and examines the implementation and design of the process of creating the pedagogical readings. In contrast, however, the following article adopts a contemporary internal perspective that emerges from the analysis of pedagogical readings that focused on the optimization of the continuing education format itself. Thus, the development process of the pedagogical readings will be reconstructed as it emerged for the protagonists, so to speak, from the perspective of the continuing educators. From the perspective of the trainers, statements about the subsequent utilization of the pedagogical readings can be generated.

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