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Katja Koch     Tilman Brand von     Roberto Hübner     Kristina Koebe

Kein „Teaching to the test“? : der Stellenwert der schriftlichen Abiturprüfungen im Spiegel der Pädagogischen Lesungen der DDR

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 1.1.2023

Abstract: This article examines the Pedagogical Readings on the Abitur level in terms of the extent to which they address the written Abitur examinations in German and to which teaching and educational goals as well as educational policy guidelines these topics are related. The study examines the extent to which the authors address the issue of targeted examination preparation, whether statements are made about the significance of these examinations, and to what extent individual schools or even teachers can be seen to have room for maneuver and discretion. It becomes clear that the written Abitur essays are comparatively rarely an explicit topic. Where this happens, one recurs to the examination results as indicators of successful or needy improvement in the teaching of subject content, but also with regard to the achievement of ideological and pedagogical objectives in the Abitur period. The central question is where teaching could be improved to ensure the best possible preparation for university studies, to contribute to the political-ideological education of students, or to lay the foundations for a lifelong engagement with literature.

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