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Kristina Koebe

Die Verankerung des antifaschistischen Gründungsmythos im Literaturunterricht der DDR

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 1.5.2023

Abstract: This article ties in with previous research on the anti-fascist founding myth as a system-consolidating narrative of the GDR. It focuses on German language and literature lessons in order to determine the extent to which the contribution of classroom work to the creation of myths, as suggested by curricula and teaching aids, found its way into the practical actions of GDR teachers. By examining the literary texts "The Seventh Cross," "Naked Among Wolves," and "The Adventures of Werner Holt" in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, it can be shown that the teaching of literature did indeed take up central myths, especially the compelling connection between capitalism and fascism, the classification of the working class as fundamentally anti-fascist and the greatest opponent of fascists, and the presentation of communists as the only true leadership of German anti-fascism. At the same time, the article can show changes with regard to the educational goals associated with the anti-fascist founding myth and thus make a differentiation of the myth-creating teaching work that has not been made so far.

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