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Sebastian Leder

Theodor Lessing : von Assimilation über Haarmann und Hindenburg zur Assassination

Universität Rostock, 2006

Abstract: Theodor Lessing (1872-1933) – physician, philosopher, publicist – was a "catalytic converter particle" of late-moderny. By parents, literary and social "vulgarity" he became persona non grata in political, journalistical and social public. This work demonstrates that this approach was applied in early childhood implying further collisions. This affected e. g. in the "Lublinski-Affair", in the "Haarmann-Trial" or in the "Hindenburg-Affair". By publishing these social collisions Lessing recognized social ills up to "Jewish self-hate". Finally resulted from this his assasination ordered by Nazi leadership for political reasons in Marienbad 1933.

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