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Martin Lichtwark

Crowdsourcing in digitalen Archiven : Aufbereitung, Analyse und Konzeption einer Deskribierung am Mecklenburgischen Flurnamenarchiv

Universität Rostock, 2017

Abstract: When transferring analogue archival records to digital management systems, many processes can not be completely automatic yet and produce much better results when conducted by humans. In the context of the Mecklenburg archive of field names, as a part of the digital Wossidlo Archive (WossiDiA), this interdisciplinary work examines the analogue inventory, forms a categorical and quantifiable classification and uses it to explore more recent concepts and challenges, and also conducts an analysis in the Crowdsourcing area of potential scenarios for a human-based technical indexing of this archive. With an estimation of efforts and costs supported by non-binding offers and professional expertise, these scenarios are presented for a final decision. In conclusion possible procedures are offered for implementation.

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