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Michael Soffner , Norbert Siegmund , Mario Pukall , Veit Köppen
text 21. Workshop Grundlagen von Datenbanken :
Towards Real-Time Data Integration and Analysis for Embedded Devices
Aufsatz/Artikel , 2009
In complex systems, e.g., in logistic hubs, cars or factories, there is a need for real time decision support. In present approaches the transfer and storage process and subsequent analysis of data in real time is not possible. One reason is that data sources can fail and thus the information flow is interrupted. Furthermore there is a large divergence of the data amount generated by data streams coming from different data sources, e.g. sensors, relational databases and mobile devices. We offer an architecture to eliminate these problems. Therefore we introduce a classification of the data sources that enables an appropriate handling of the specific data source's properties.

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Fakultät für Informatik und Elektrotechnik

data integration
embedded systems
sensor networks
005 Programmierung, Programme, Daten

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