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About RosDok

RosDok repository is the platform for online publication and long term archiving of digital documents for the University of Rostock.

The section E-Publications contains e-born online publications from Rostock University. Among them are particularly dissertations and other theses, scientific publications and research data. The section Historical Collections contains digitised prints, manuscript and other historical material from the holdings of Rostock University Library and other institutions in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

All RosDok documents are free to view and download (as long as this is not prevented by any legal issue). There are persistent identifiers (PURL, DOI, URN) for every document.

RosDok repository is run by Rostock University Library in cooperation with the Rostock University IT- and Media-Center. The RosDok software is based on MyCoRe, an open source software-framework for the storage and presentation of digital content. For further information see section Leitlinien (in German only).


Sorry, the policies for RosDok repository are currently only available in German language.

Privacy Statement

Sorry, the data privacy statement for RosDok repository is currently only available in German language.