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Anne Karen Eiken

Die prognostische Bedeutung der Lymphknotenratio im Vergleich zur TNM-Klassifikation beim Kolonkarzinom Evaluation wichtiger Prognosekriterien für das Auftreten einer Peritonealkarzinose beim Kolonkarzinom

Universität Rostock, 2014

Abstract: Is the lymphnode node ratio superior to the TNM System and is an advanced tumor stage more often associated with a Peritoneal Carcinomatosis in Stage III Colon Cancer? For ln ratio the cutoff was calculated at 0.2. There was a good prognosis of disease-free and cancer-related survival for the N-category of the TNM system as well as for the lymph node ratio. There was no statistical difference between using the N-category of the TNM system and the ln ratio. An advanced Tumorstage, especially T4 and N2 Tumor Stage, is more often associated with Peritoneal Carcinomatosis in Colon Cancer.

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