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Jenny Bittkau

Pulmonalvenenisolation bei Vorhofflimmern : verbessert die Wartezeit nach Ablation mit dem Schluss der Lücken während der Wartezeit die Rezidivfreiheit von Vorhofflimmern?

Universität Rostock, 2016

Abstract: We hypothesized waiting longer during the initial PVI procedure and re-ablating any re-conduction should improve outcome with fewer relapses during follow-up. 107 consecutive patients were randomly assigned to prolongation of the waiting period (n= 54, 50.5%) or immediate termination of the procedure after initial successful isolation (n= 53, 49.5%). 24 patients (44.4%) were free of any arrhythmia in the wait group and 23 patients (43.4%) in the stop group. Immediate re-ablation of early re-conduction did not result in a reduced recurrence rate of Afib during follow-up.

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