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Antje Meißner

In situ Umsetzung von verbrückten dimeren Rhodium(I)-Olefinkomplexen mit Bisphosphanliganden : systematische Untersuchungen und die Anwendung der Ergebnisse in der Katalyse

Universität Rostock, 2017

Abstract: Rhodium complexes of the type [Rh(diphosphine)(µ2-X)]2, prepared in situ by addition of diphosphine ligands to [Rh(diolefin)(µ2-X)]2, are used in homogeneous catalysis as catalyst precursors. However, depending on the ligand, the solvent, the temperature and the precursor, other complexes can be formed. Thus the in situ procedure may not be selective and cannot be considered a general strategy for active catalyst generation. An in-depht mechanistic investigation into the in situ catalyst generation for the rhodium promoted addition of carboxylic acids to terminal alkynes has been carried out.

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