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Franziska Bitschofsky

Phosphorus dynamics in sediments of Darß-Zingst Bodden Chain, an eutrophic estuary in the southern Baltic Sea

Universität Rostock, 2017

Abstract: The role of the sediment in phosphorus cycling in the Darß-Zingst Bodden Chain (DZBC) was analysed on two stations in 0.5 m and 2 m water depth in the Grabow representing the both main sediment types of the DZBC. Phosphorus did not accumulate in the muddy sediments of deeper Bodden areas (<1 m). Because in the DZBC the sediment surface is well oxygenated during the year, the adsorption potential of the oxidized sediment surface surmounts the release potential of deeper anoxic sediment layers. Therefore, the sediments of the DZBC rather act as phosphorus sink than as source.

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