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Edward Antwi

Pathways to sustainable bioenergy production from cocoa and cashew residues from Ghana

Universität Rostock, Agrar- und Umweltwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Professur Abfall- und Stoffstromwirtschaft, 2020

Abstract: The potential of bioenergy production from cocoa pods residues and cashew peduncle residues using two pathways – anaerobic digestion and hydrothermal carbonization processes was evaluated. Mono digestion of cashew peduncle is only possible up to an organic loading rate (OLR) of 3.0 kgVS/ in a semi-continuous reactor. However digestion of cashew bagasse and cocoa pods were stable up to an OLR of 4.0 kgVS/ Using surface response models, the effect of process temperature, reaction time and heating rate on the yield, heating value and ash content of the hydrochar was studied.

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