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Eric Sperlich

Die Umsetzung von [Nb6Cl12]-Cluster-Komplexverbindungen mit Neutralliganden : Synthesen, Strukturen, intermolekulare Wechselwirkungen und Folgereaktionen

Universität Rostock, 2020

Abstract: In this work the synthesis and characterization of 153 novel niobium cluster complexes with neutral ligands is described. For the first time T-shaped CH-π, anion-π and lone-pair-π, chalcogen-chalcogen interactions, as well as halogen, chalcogen and pnicogen bridges in niobium cluster compounds were observed. With the compounds [Nb6Cl14(Pyz)4] and [Nb6Cl14(Pyr-4-CN)4], starting compounds are presented which allowed the synthesis of over 90 new cluster compounds, including the first niobium cluster compounds with neutral S and Se ligands.

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