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Samira Sarah Saleh

Bestimmung des antigenspezifischen T-Zellprofils im Verlauf einer Wespengift-Immuntherapie durch Anreicherung antigenspezifischer T-Zellen direkt und ex-vivo

Universität Rostock, 2020

Abstract: Wasp venom allergy is one of the main reasons for severe anaphylaxy. Although venom immunotherapy (VIT) is an efficient therapy, its mechanisms at the antigen specific T-cell level are still not completely understood and studies are limited due to their low frequency in the periphery. Here we characterised antigen-specific peripheral T-cell responses during initiation of VIT directly ex vivo by applying the novel flow cytometric antigen-reactive T cell enrichment protocol (ARTE) to analyse small amounts of antigen-specific T cells.

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